Digital pole 3D of Liège

Recently, Sidéma SPRL became part of the Digital Pole 3D of Liège.

In the countryside of Barchon, a few steps from the E42 motorway, the Pôle numérique 3D de Liège brings together several private companies, each with specific know-how in 3D digitisation and in the exploitation of this data. Thus brought together in a single geographical point, they combine their respective strengths, with a view to offering customers a wide range of complementary solutions.

This common facade is among other things intended to facilitate the approach of the customer -not or little initiated-, who feels a need in the vast field of 3D, and who does not know a priori who to address to to obtain the most adequate solution in order to answer it. Within the Cluster, a dedicated coordinator will be happy to redirect each potential project to the member company(ies) that offer(s) the best possible service for the desired service. The informed customer will find several specialists under the same roof and able to answer precise questions.

The services concern:

  • Design / CAD
  • HR Scanning (Photogrammetry)
  • CNC machining / Water jet cutting
  • Body scan
  • Virtual Tour / HDR Photo
  • Feature Stories / Promotional Films / Time-Lapse
  • 3D printing
  • Shooting with a UAV
  • Environmental scanning (Laser)
  • Video mapping / AR - VR / Video games
  • Software creation & publishing / Programming
  • Expert surveyors

As you can see, Sidéma SPRL represents the part creation and edition of software as well as the development of these.

By joining this very active pole, Sidéma SPRL can offer, in collaboration with its members, complete and complementary services to its customers.

You can find more information on this site: Pôle numérique 3D de Liège