IT projects represent a very special challenge for every organization. The ever-increasing complexity of the tasks and technologies, combined with steadily increasing deadlines and cost pressures, place high demands on all parties involved. Through professional project management, Sidéma creates the necessary transparency and ensures the success of an IT project through structured management and control.


We advise you on your software projects and give you our assessment regarding safety, feasibility and technology. Whether planning, budgeting or design – we analyze the requirements of the project together with you, identify alternatives and determine the optimal solution. We support your team effectively in all areas of the project: From the business analysis to the definition of the requirements to the creation of the QA procedures, Sidéma stands by your side to achieve your goals.


Scrum is the epitome of agile project management – extremely flexible, but structured enough to keep time and budget in mind. All our projects are managed with Scrum. However, if you prefer a different management method, we will be happy to align to you.


The progress of a project is documented on a daily basis and is always visible to all parties involved. This is the only way to ensure that both the client and the project management are informed of the project progress at any time and, if necessary, can react.


Each large-scale project is divided into several small projects that are executed step-by-step after the series. On the one hand this reduces the error rate to a minimum and, on the other hand, allows a rapid response to any change requests of the customer.