Your business is so individual that it can not be served by commercial standard software? You want to stand out from the competition by your tailor-made application? You have an idea for a commercial software that does not yet exist on the market? No matter how complex your requirements are or how far you have expressed your wishes, our software experts look forward to realizing your project and adapting it to your needs. We first analyze the critical aspects of the project with you, in order to create effective solutions. Our project management is always at your side.


Trustworthy and competent, our team will take care of the entire project development and management as required: from the goal-oriented consulting and analysis to the conception to the successful implementation and the long-term care. We also promote the transfer of know-how into your company in qualified training measures and train your specialist departments in the best way to handle your new software solution as well as your IT managers in the independent development and operation of your new application.


In addition to the agile software development Sidema also offers the possibility to realize your software using a specification.

Agile Software Development

Agile development is the most flexible method of software development. In contrast to the other development methods, all the details of the software are not planned before the start of development, but the software is implemented in short planning and development cycles. This approach has the advantage that the software can be used and tested at a very early stage. The smaller planning cycles can react to new needs at an early stage and adapt the development direction.

Development according to a specification

The specification describes in detail the exact requirements for your new software. The functions and properties of the individual masks are described as precisely as possible. In the development according to a specification, exactly the described procedures are implemented. This has the disadvantage that it is difficult to react to changes in the needs during software development.


After the first delivery of your software we provide a professional support. We always have a personal contact with you and we react to your request as soon as possible.


It is important that your new software solution is optimally integrated into your current landscape of standard and individual software. When planning the integration, your existing construct is analyzed and a concept for the perfect integration of the new software is developed together with you.


Our developers speak almost every programming language. Besides common languages such as C ++ and .NET (C # / VB), our experts also know other languages like Ruby, Php or Java. No matter what language your software has been written in, we are sure to find the perfect solution.


We’ll keep you up to date. Because we work independently from other software vendors, we can address your project individually, objectively and with the most modern methods. The source code, of course, remains your property from the first to the last line.